First Time Writing

If you’ve ever mused over the devolution of America, this might be the blog for you.  As a 30-something mother of two, I often wonder what is wrong with people nowadays.  I know part of it is an idealized view of the world through the lens of my childhood memory, but I think there is more to it than just that.  Common courtesy, respect for authority figures, decency, friendships that are more than online stalking seem to be more difficult to find.  Or when we find it, we rave over it in our Facebook posts or Twitter accounts rather than hold that as the expectation for all of our interactions.  I do realize the added impact of one more online interaction as opposed to the human kind, but somehow, I think this fad of the internet is sticking around.  So here goes…

What I hope for my blog is to create a space for my voice to get out.  Whether or not you like what I have to say matters less to me than the fact that I have to say it.  I am actually a rather honest person (some would say confrontational).  I don’t let things fester if I can talk to the person or persons with whom I have a beef.  I just say it.  If someone doesn’t know how I feel or what I think, how can we expect to grow in our relationship – whatever type it might be.  My husband often says he is the luckiest guy in the world because I just let him know when he pisses me off rather than passive-aggressively “make him pay” for his mistake which he “should know what it is without me having to tell” him.  It makes for a happier marriage for the both of us.  He doesn’t have to guess about what is going on with me and I get to pretend I have fixed him and his heathen behaviors.  Back to what I was saying – this place is for me to vent my frustrations when there is no easy fix, no plausible solution, no individual to confront.

The types of issues I hope to tackle in this space historically have been building for sometimes decades, sometimes centuries.  They are systemic issues in our country.  They are crippling our families.  They are destroying our children’s futures.  It’s all political (unless I have to let loose about my three sisters and the drama they produce).  I hope that you stick around even if you don’t always agree with what I have to say, though I must say I am pretty persuasive.  Hope to see you again soon!