“Vote Your Conscience!”


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It’s that season!  Blood pressure rising.  Empty threats yelled at the television.  Disappointment in your chosen team.  Cheers, jeers, and beers!  No, not football.  It’s voting season!  Here in Texas, early voting started Monday, and apparently, there is already voter tampering going on in the Lone Star State for the Democrats.  Shocker!

So, what is this hard-core conservative Millennial going to do when she enters the voting booth?  I have decided to write in Ted Cruz.  Let me now provide your side of the conversation:

“You know you are only helping Hillary win.”

“Hillary will destroy this country.”

“Think of the Supreme Court vacancies.”

“What are you, pro-choice?”

Let me help you understand.  I don’t remember Reagan.  As a 1982-born Reagan baby, I don’t actually remember Reagan.  I remember my parents furiously trying to protect me from the Lewinsky-Clinton sex scandal during my early teen years.  My first trip to the voting booth was in 2000 when I turned 18 and proudly voted for W.  Since about 2005/2006, however, I started my journey into disenfranchisement with the Republican party with W.’s weak stance against growing globalism and his passive attitude towards the fights I felt were important – the Supreme Court nominees for one.  When Obama came on the scene, the American public was practically frothing at the mouth to show its racism by electing a man based on his skin color alone.  It didn’t hurt that there was a big fat “D” next to his name which departed drastically from the man whom he would replace. For the next two elections, we conservatives were told to hold our noses and accept mediocre candidates who had proven their lukewarm relationships with conservatism in their Senatorial and Gubernatorial careers.

The lesson I learned from these two elections was that the primaries are important, and every vote counts – unless you live in one of the states that comes after Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina in the primary election calendar.   By Super Tuesday, the primary races were done.  A candidate had been chosen.  What was the use of voting in the primaries when you weren’t a fringe state that offered only a handful of electoral votes in the general election?  This year proved only a slight difference.  First, again states that offer little to the GOP cause in November are put early in the primary calendar <I get the point is that these states are easy to campaign in, but if they aren’t accurately reflecting the GOP constituency, what is the point?!?!>.  Second, the use of open primaries allows Dems to sabotage the efforts of the right to choose a candidate.


In the open contests, Trump did much better than in the closed primaries.  Was this directly because of Democrats tampering with the GOP process?  I don’t know, but I wouldn’t put it past them when they pick the criminal they have for candidate.  Thus, the primary process has always been a problem for me.  I don’t understand why states like New York and Illinois have any say in the primaries picking the Republican candidate when they never vote GOP in the general election.  This process elected a candidate who has supported Democrats for decades to get political favors.  This process elected a candidate who is first and foremost a salesman who will tell the crowd whatever he thinks they want to hear.  This process elected a candidate who does not represent the conservative values consistently.  Trump openly declares he will trounce all over the Constitution as much as Obama, but he will do it for conservatism, which makes it okay.

It wasn’t Trump himself, however, that led me to my conclusion I could not vote Republican this election cycle.  It was the Texas Senate District 3 Delegates – Neil Katz, George Flint, and Carroll Maxwell that have moved me to renounce party allegiance and “Vote my conscience!” as Ted called all of us to do.  In a tea party meeting shortly after the GOP National Convention in July, these three men who were supposed to go to the convention and act as my voice, commented on their disappointment with Ted Cruz in not endorsing Trump by name.  While this may seem innocuous to some, it means everything to me.  For years, conservatives have been calling for men and women of principle to stage a coup of the “establishment” Republicans in Congress who are gunking up the works with back room deals and compromises with Democrats.  Yet, when one literally stands in front of the nation and declares his commitment to the Constitution over political clout, his adherence to principle over party pressure, his devotion to his family over a scrap of paper, the party turns their backs on him and labels him a “sore loser.”  I didn’t, and still don’t, understand that.  He did exactly what he should have done.  In fact, I haven’t been back to a political meeting since because of this inconsistency.

As for me, I will be voting Ted Cruz for President this year and any other year that he decides to run.  I would rather stand on principle and watch the entire nation crumble (which I am also kind of hoping will happen if only to invigorate the #Texit movement) than vote for a man who is just as much of a liar and manipulator as Hillary.  All I would like to say to the rest of you is “Vote Your Conscience!!!”



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