Hillary v. Trump: Or is it?

As of Tuesday night, the last chance at a traditional GOP candidate suspended his campaign and dropped from the race.  In Reagan-like fashion, Ted Cruz conceded the field of battle but not the war for America.  I have heard all over Twitter, Facebook, and talk radio people panicking about the prospect of a Hillary vs. Trump general election.  So, let’s think this thing through.

First scenario, we actually face Hillary and Trump in the general election.  The true conservatives and/or the Millennials don’t vote, and we have a toss up as to who gets the presidency.  Not ideal.

Second scenario, Trump actually convinces (via Twitter, mind you) Bernie that he should run independent when Hillary steals the nomination.  (Trump is actually very calculated occasionally and is – at least to my mind – pressing Bernie to run third-party in order to split the Hillary vote).  So, we have the options of Bernie v. Hillary v. Trump which ends in a President Trump.  Better than having a chance of Hillary as president.

Third scenario, Trump convinces Bernie as above, but a big-name conservative politician like a Ted Cruz or a talk radio personality like Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin creates a new party that advocates the conservative principles that are so lacking in the Republican Party, that led to the #NeverTrump movement, that used to be the basis of American values.  This situation would have a Bernie v. Hillary v. Trump v. ???? race in November.  It would be a toss-up, but it would also be a better reflection of the constituency.

With two options for president that are not palatable to a majority of the country, this election cycle provides an amazing opportunity to add to the political landscape in the form of additional parties.  We are the only industrialized country in the world with only two parties.  There are five major parties in Germany, eight in Sweden, and six in the UK.  With only two parties, we have cronyism at its worst.  Back-room deals to ensure power remains among the political class are commonplace.  Average Americans are no longer the concern.  If you disagree, look at the underbelly that Ted Cruz exposed in the past four years of service.  Senator Mitch McConnell telling the party senators one thing and turning around and dealing against the party ideals in the next vote.

Not only are Americans sold up the river for DC power chips, but demographics prove that we cannot settle for one of two options.  Our country’s diversity demands more parties.  How can we have over 300 million people of practically every nation of origin and yet only two real options for president?  Even if we add only a single party to the mix at the national level of politics, it will be something to celebrate.  It is more important that the civil servants we elect to represent us do exactly that – represent us – than for a handful of Washington elites maintain power over the country and us.


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